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Khami Ruins

Khami Ruins are situated approximately 20 kilometers west of the city of Bulawayo

The remains of a dynasty that traded and interacted with the Great Zimbabwe traders

The Torwa, or Butwa people were inland traders of gold ivory and diamonds and were very successful traders with the coast of Mozambique.

In 1644 after being raided by a Portuguese warlord, the Butwa people were scattered and resettled to the north and east of the country.

Other tribes have lived in the region of the structures to add a considerably intricate history to the remains that we see today

What we can offer:-

  • We arrange  half day tours to the UNESCO heritage site with a historical guide who will take you on foot through the many and varied ancient stone structures. This can be combined with a museum and city tour. For this activity you will be collected from your lodging in an air conditioned transfer vehicle and will travel by road to the site with your guide. Refreshments are available together with tea, coffee and biscuits.


Khami Ruins

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