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Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park

Hwange is Zimbabwe's Largest Park and was established in 1924 and boasts an abundance of Elephant and a wide variety of game.

Hwange covers over 14,600 square kilometers and has diverse soil and vegetative types.

Being geographicaly close to the Kalahari desert, a region with little water and very sparse vegetation in parts it shares many similarities.

The Park hosts 105 mammal species, including 19 large herbivores and eight large carnivores. All Zimbabwe's specially protected animals are to be found in Hwange and it is the only protected area where Gemsbok and Brown Hyena occur in reasonable numbers.

The population of African wild dogs (Lycaon Pictus) to be found in Hwange is thought to be of one of the largest surviving groups in Africa today.

Safaris Tours

Custom trips to the Park can be arranged for Couples, Families and Tour Groups.

We offer transport from the time of your arrival in Zimbabwe and a choice of routes for your tour based on your place of entry and areas of interest.

  • Mobile Walking Safaris.

  • Luxury tented Safari Camps.

  • Lodges (availability based on your destination of choice and desired activity).

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